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Volunteer Registration for Snowpile, at the Children's Hospital of Michigan

When the holiday season approaches, many parents question how they will afford presents for their families. Now, imagine your child is hospitalized at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center and you have been at their bedside day and night. How are you going to have time to think about gifts, let alone purchase them?

The Snowpile program at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, sponsored by Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation allows parents of patients in the hospital to rest a little easier during the holiday season.

Unlike many holiday donation drives, Snowpile focuses on the entire family, providing gifts for hospitalized children AND their siblings. The program also provides parents a much-needed break from the hospital “routine,” allowing them to hand-select gifts and the opportunity to relax for a few moments in a hospitality lounge, while dedicated volunteers wrap their selections.

For further information about the program call  (313) 745-5364.